Coach A/guard - AG122
Van A/guard - A301
Wheels - 1 set
Bar & Pin

Two variants of this kit are currently available, brake third or all third. This kit is one of the original Tenmille kits with wood skeleton and vacuum formed plastic skin to form the detail. This kit has been produced using the orignal tooling for the plastic formings. The accessories also supplied within the kit are made using orignal tooling, including plastic AG102 buffers and AG103 coupling set.
The kit requires wheels (AG161), axelguards (AG122), transfers and paint to complete. AG122 were recommended on the original instructions for this kit, although we have alternatives available for this model now, dependant on the modellers preference. The brake end version is suppplied with one coupling hook for the outside end, but the other end and the all third kit require your choice of coupling. As these coaches were intentded for use in fixed trains, a bar and pin is recommended for intermediate couplings.