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Southern Railway Utility Van - G103
This kit is based on the 2-axle SR utility van. These utility vans were introduced to SR in 1925, although there design shares resemblances to the passenger language vans produced by SECR in 1919. These vans were designed to carry a variety of consignments, including food, milk, parcels and engineering or manufacturing parts.

This kit is consistent with the even sized planking that can found on these utility vans up until 1938, when the design was updated to include a mix of both 61/2” and 31/2” planking.

This Southern Utility Van kit is manufactured using our precision laser cutting technique, including the production of the plank effect feature. For detailing, this kit consists predominantly of brass etchings.

Please note; The wheels and transfers are not supplied in this kit. However, these are avaliable from our selection of wagon accessories and transfers.
Gauge 1