gauge 1
LMS Brake Van - G183
The first batch of this type of brake van was built in 1938 and they became the standard LMS Brake Van to Diagram D1909 of which  670 were built. This is a 10mm scale kit based on the later version to Diagram D2036 of which 522 were built between 1940 and 1941. A further batch of 1320 were built under British Railways between 1949 to1950, these were to Diagram D2068. Naturally, there were minor changes over the different batches but  essentially they remained the same.

This kit is supplied with all parts to construct a practical model for use on most Gauge 1 railways. It has also been designed for quick easy assembly and mainly consist of precision laser cut ply-wood and etched brass parts.

Please note;
Paint is not included but this is available from several model paint suppliers. Additionally, transfers are not supplied but can be found under our transfers page for either LMS or B.R periods. 
Gauge 1
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